Hi! I'm new to this community, but I have read a few of Simon Green's books.

I read the majority of the Nightside Series to "A Hard Day's Knight", but I'm missing a few due to them being unaviable.

For the Secret Histories Series, I really only read "The Spy Who Haunted Me", but I think I know the general knowledge about it.

I'm not sure about his other books, but these are the ones I've read.

...Is this comm still alive? Discussions?

Also, I don't mind Het. Pairings, but I also like yaoi. I can do art requests if it's not beyond my skill and am given descriptions.
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Wow, dead much?

Every Simon R. Green site I know of seem to be dead these days... and not in a good way. The Blue Moon Rising forums has some kind of server error whenever I try to do anything, which may explain why no one's posted since last year.

Anyway, I made a Nightside art group on deviantArt, if anyone is interested...


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Deathstalker fanfiction!

So I love Deathstalker. I also write fanfiction. (I also do fanart, but that's another story.) There's a writing community that I'm on, 6impearfics. The idea is to write six fanfics of any length past 100 words with prompts based on Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume oils. (The samples the Lab sells are called "Imp's Ears.")

I started doing some Deathstalker ones out of boredom at work, and somehow managed to finish them. So here they are: six fanfics based on the prompt list "Five Hearts and a Tear". Links in the summaries go to my writing journal, pile_of_sith. There's not a lot there other than these and a Star Wars work-in-progress.

Collapse )

Tell me there's more Deathstalker fanfiction than this out there, people!
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Introducing Myself

I'm wingwyrm and I have been a fan of Simon R Green for ten years or so. My favourites right now are the John Taylor books.

I've only read the first three, because the bookstore hasn't got the others in. Ever. So I finally ordered them and they should be in by Wednesday.

BUT! I have some stuff for you guys.

1.) I have made a community for fanfic, icons, art and vids: nightsidetales

2.) I posted in my new comm, seven icons from the covers of the first seven Nightside books. If you want :)

Nightside 8

There is no cover art yet, but has posted a  release date for the 8th Nightside book The Unnatural Inquirer. That date is January 2, 2008. Looks like this one will be a hard cover, all the other ones I have gotten have be paperbacks even thought i got them the day they came out. Anyone know why this is? 

I will post more info as I get it.   
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A message from Simon:

"I've finished the latest Nightside book, (currently) titled The One and Only Unnatural Inquirer, in which our reluctant hero John Taylor ends up doing a job for the Nightside's very own scabrous tabloid. The funniest, scariest, and I think most moving book in the series yet.

I'm now plotting the third Secret Histories book, (provisionally) titled From Hell with Love.
And I've sold two Nightside short stories. An Appetite for Murder will appear in Powers Of Detection II, and Some of These Cons go Way Back will appear in Cemetery Dance, in the Summer. I swear, I'm just a writing fool these days...

We are STILL this close to closing a deal over film rights to the Nightside series. The contracts have been agreed, we're still waiting for the lawyers on both sides to sign off on them."

Sounds very exciting. I so hope it all comes together but I hope to god it doesn't end up as the next Eragon.

Get it yet?

I got my hands on "Hell to Pay" today. I have only had time to read a few pages, but so far it looks like Johny Taylor and the Nightside are back with avengence! It will probably take me over the weekend to finish it, since I have to work, and I can't read it at work. But I will post my thoughts once I am done.

(I am still trying to finish "Shadows Fall" I am enjoying it very much, but its taking me a while cause I always have a hard time reading 3rd person books. I don't know why, I just do. And now it will be delayed a little longer since I can't wait to read the new "Nightside". But I will post about "Shadows Fall" once I am done.)

Any one else get their hands on the 7th Nightside yet? Don't give anything away, I was just wondering how many of you picked it up yet.
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