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June 7th, 2004

02:58 pm - Blood and Honor by Simon R. Green
If you enjoyed his Blue Moon Rising, more of the same wild adventure is found in his nonsequel followup, Blood and Honor.

Basic outlineCollapse )

I really enjoyed this effort and feel it is worthy of the time of a fan of Simon R. Green.
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April 2nd, 2004

11:29 am - Hi, there
Just found this community as I was updating my interests list.

I just finished Angels of Light and Darkness, and now I'm champing at the bit for the next Nightside novel.

Started out with Blue Moon, read my first copy so many times it fell apart and I had to get a second one, and I've been hooked ever since.


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March 25th, 2004

09:17 am - Reflection
It just dawned on me what was gnawing my backbone this time: The way Simon Green works reminds me of Terry Brooks. Brooks also started with a short series, then another series with the same elements but still diffirent. Next, a prequel and then another series. Yet somehow... I never got bored reading him since the elements and characters are always different. Nevertheless, with Terry Brooks 'Sword of Shannara' will always remain my favourite. With Simon Green I didn't read the first book from the DeathStalker series *l* can somebody help me out? (j/k)

Then again, I'm addicted to Gilmore Girls at the moment and I love good series/soaps. Isn't it normal that you're curious about what happens after the 'happily ever after' part?

And yes, I know they both have different series :) I just wanted to point out the similarities between the Shannara and the DeathStalker series.
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March 8th, 2004

06:13 pm - perhaps im a nerd
ya so maybe im a nerd but ive read like everyone of his books. i have to say that the new deathstalker seires is kinda a rip off of the old one, but its still pretty good. My favorite book is either drinking midnite wine, or beyond the blue moon. The whole deathstalker seires is great and i encourage anyone who hasnt read it to go buy it and read it.
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February 13th, 2004

12:29 pm - 'This is how you remind me'
When I first read 'Wolf in the fold', the only Hawk&Fisher-novel I'm lucky enough to own, the setting of Haven instantly reminded me of Terry Pratchett's Ankh-Morpork. Perhaps also because Simon Green weaves a sense of humor in his stories, like Terry Pratchett does, only a bit less exuberant. And because the problems Hawk and Fisher encountered in their investigation reminded me of the trouble the Guard has in *their* missions. (Please note the difference between 'it reminded me of' and 'it looked a lot like'. I'm most definitely *not* saying Simon Green or Terry Pratchett ripped off each other's writings!).
A few weeks ago, I wrote a fanfic loosely (very loosely) based on the two parts of the Deathstalker-saga I've read and five of the reviews I received said something along the lines of 'Hey, this is a x-over with Star Wars! Cool!'. (Honesty compells me to say there were also two people who asked if it was a problem that they'd never even *heard* of Simon Green, so apparently some people did read my disclaimer that stated this was 'based on the 'Deathstalker'-serie by Simon Green'. But still ... I never really made that connection.
It's true my version was watered (a lot), but ... is Deathstalker like Star Wars???
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February 8th, 2004

07:14 pm - Other Simon Green books
So what other books have you guys read? I've read everything except Robinhood, Prince of Theives. Shadows Fall is my favorite, it was very sweet and interesting.

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February 5th, 2004

09:32 am - Favorite characters in 'Deathstalker'
All right, so a person who's only read *two* Deathstalker-books probably isn't well-informed enough to talk about favorite characters and such but still ... I do have them and I'm curious to 1) what other people's favorite characters are and 2) if the characters in question will appear in later novels as well. (The ones I read are Deathstalker War and Deathstalker Rebellion).
So, my three favorite characters, in no particular order :
- Toby (and Flynn) the inquiring journalist. Because he's cool, smart and funny. He also seems to be one of the few characters with sense. ^^;
- Julian Sky, the esper. Because he's loyal, nice and just plain *good*.
- Valentine Wolfe, the degenrate noble. Because he may be insane (no wait, he *is* insane) but there's just something about him that intrigues me.

I must admit that Deathstalker is one of the few multi-charactered epics in which nearly *all* characters are interesting me at the same time. Most epics like that make me like one or two characters more than the others, meaning I kind of skip through other people's chapters. It was hard already to pick these three. ^^;

[sorry for the previous spelling mistakes ^^;]
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February 4th, 2004

03:45 pm - Introduction
*coughs* Well, it seems that either there aren't many Simon R. Green-fans *or* they just haven't found this community yet but anyway, just thought it might be polite to post some sort of introduction.
My name is Misura (which is actually the name I use on fanfiction.net) and I have read a few of Simon Green's books. Enough to get hooked anyway, but ah well, I'm not rich enough to buy them all new so ...
The books I have (read and on my shelves) are : Wolf in the fold (a Hawk & Fisher-adventure), Blue moon rising, Beyond the blue moon, Down amongst the dead men, Blood and honour (at least, I think that's what it was called ; I only borrowed this book), Deathstalker war and Deathstalker rebellion.
I liked the Deathstalker-books and 'Blue moon rising' best so far. The first for the thrill and the excitement, the second for the humor. ^_^
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