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August 25th, 2009

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08:23 pm - Shadows Fall - Mulitfandom RP

Shadows Fall
There's a town where dreams go to die. A place where nightmares end, and hope itself can rest. Where all stories find their ending, all quests are concluded, and every lost soul finds its way home at last. There have always been such places, scattered here and there in the dark corners of the world, but down the years, as science grew and magic waned, much of the wonder went out of the world, and the hidden places grew few and far between. Now there is only the small town of Shadows Fall, tucked away in the back of beyond and overlooked by the everyday world. Few roads lead there, and fewer still lead out again. You won't find Shadows Fall on any map, but it'll be there for you, if you need it badly enough.

You can find all sorts of things at Shadows Fall. There are doors that can take you anywhere, to lands that no longer exist and worlds that some day might. Strange people and stranger creatures walk the sprawling streets, along with everyone you ever knew or hoped you'd never have to meet again. In this far away town, mothers and fathers can find lost children, and children grown old can find their parents once again, to unsay harsh words and angry silences, and heal old wounds that have never been forgotten. In Shadows Fall you can find judgement or forgiveness, old friends and childhood enemies, love or hope or a second chance. It's that kind of place.

Mostly, though, it's a town where people go to die. People, and other things. Shadows Fall is the elephants' graveyard of the supernatural, where people, creatures, concepts and stories go to die when no one believes in them any more. Everything that is believed in strongly enough takes on a kind of presence, a kind of life that persists even after the belief has gone. But there is no room for such as that in the real world. And so they go, travelling through city shadows and back streets no one uses any more, until at last they come to Shadows Fall, step through the Forever Door and pass out of the awareness of the world, for ever. Or they can stay in Shadows Fall, become real, grow old and die a natural death.

At least, that's the idea. The reality, as usual, is much more complicated.

Excerpt from the book Shadows Fall by Simon R. Green, page 7, US edition.

About the Game + Rules
Based on the concept from Simon R. Green's book, Shadows Fall is a small town in the middle of nowhere, where characters become real. When your character comes to Shadows Fall they are fully aware of having been a fictional character. All the things they have experienced in their fictional realities seem real to them, even though the place they live in now is the only place that they have actually existed in the real world.

The park in Shadows Fall holds the home of Old Father Time, called the Sarcophagus. Inside the Sarcophagus are the Galleries of Frost and Bone.

The Gallery of Frost is the home of the Forever Door, the place where weary characters can pass out of reality forever, and it calls relentlessly to anyone who has made their way to Shadows Fall. The Gallery of Bone is constructed from fossilized bones from a creature so ancient that no one now knows what it was, and also where Old Father Time lives. Don't bother to try to visit him, he won't see you—that's what the Automatons are for.

1. No application is required to come to Shadows Fall--join and post!
2. Shadows Fall is similar to a dressing room, since people have infinite ways of seeing a character, there can be infinite versions of any character. If you make an OC you must give a detailed background intro post detailing why this character is in Shadows Fall.
3. No godmodding or controlling another person's character without their permission. Any doubts, ask!
4. Don't bring drama into the community--involve a mod if you need to but try to sort out problems between yourselves.
5. Any storyline is fine, but if it effects the community as a whole please get mod approval first. Mature content is fine as long as it is tagged properly.
6. Please tag your entries with series and character name to make searching easier.
7. You cannot kill someone else's character, but if you do die in Shadows Fall, you may come back to life by walking through the Forever Door. Event deaths last 24 hours before you may come back.
8. Old Father Time's Automaton(aka shadows_fallrp), will periodically set challenges and events in Shadows Fall, participation is not mandatory but encouraged.
9. There are dinosaurs in the park when the sun goes down, please be careful.
Contact Info
Join: shadows_fall_rp Email: shadowsfallrp@gmail.com

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